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Diana Le Duc

Principal Investigator (MD/PhD)

Diana  is a medical doctor trained in human genetics. She has experience in comparative genomics, evolutionary genetics, bioinformatics, as well as molecular biology techniques for gene manipulation. She intends to advance comparative genomics to the benefit of human health.


Akhil Velluva

PhD Student (MSc)

Akhil is a bioinformatician by training. He joined the group in 2019 and has been working on comparative genomics and evolutionary genetics focused projects in collaboration with the Labs of Prof. Schöneberg and Dr. Kelso. His vision is to make bioinformatics analyses more accessible to the medical community.

Image by CDC

Marek Körner

PhD Student (MSc)

Marek is a biochemist by training. He joined the group in 2021 and has been working on understanding molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders using gene manipulation in Drosophila melanogaster in collaboration with the group from Dr. Nicole Scholz and the Prof. Langenhan Lab.


Linnaeus Bundalian

PhD Student (MSc)

Linnaeus is an experienced software developer and engineer. He has a keen interest in the application of computational methods to life science research. He joined the group in 2021 and works on developing computational methods to delineate the molecular mechanism of obesity-related genes in tight collaboration with Dr. Antje Garten's group.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Moritz Paha

MD Candidate

Moritz is a medical student who joined the group in Oktober 2021. He is testing in vitro pathogenic variants identified in patients with WDFY3-associated neurodevelopmental disorders in a collaboration with Dr. Antje Garten's group.

People and Open Positions: Lab Members

Open positions

Interested in joining the lab?

We are recruiting PhD students, master students in the field of bioinformatics and molecular biology, and medical students who wish to work scientifically. If you are interested please send an email to diana_leduc (at) or diana.leduc (at)


MD Student (Dr. med. Promotion)

We are looking for a highly ambitious medical student interetsed in understanding the role of pTEN in lipid accumulation and adipose tissue redistribution. We use a mouse model and a multidisciplinary approach at the crossroads between molecular biology and bioinformatics. We offer extensive support with expertise in both wet lab methods and bioinformatics.

People and Open Positions: Open Positions


Elisabeth Jäger (PhD)

Check out her publication with us:

Zuqin Yang (MSc)

Check out her publication with us:

Carolin Meier (MSc)

Check out her publication with us:

Jessica Kromp (BSc)

Jessica did her Practical Rotation together with us and Isabell Schumann in a collaboration with the lab of Andreas Thum. She is currently writing up her contribution for a publication.

People and Open Positions: Clients
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